Gardeners Guide To Extreme Weather

extreme rattan weather guide

Rattan Furniture Extreme Weather

Rattan garden furniture can still be used in the cold and extreme weather, so we wanted to share with you this guide from Illinois University on what else you can do in your garden whilst you still enjoy your outdoor furniture.

extreme weather

Weather impacts crops and plants in many obvious ways, but also in ways we might not exactly realise.
While a tree snapped by a gust of blowing wind is easy to identify, large trees
might not show the consequences of a drought until many years later. Furthermore weather-related stress can make
plant life more vulnerable to disease and insect problems.
Historical weather or the local climate over an extended period of time, can determine exactly what will probably grow well locally, but crops can be
broken or wiped out by extreme weather. Although no control can be taken over the elements, in a few full situations we can make an effort to design and
layout the garden to reduce the negative ramifications of weather on our plant life.

Rattan Furniture Extreme Weather Benefits

The same can be said for outdoor garden furniture, cheap plastic outdoor furniture may not show the true internal damage it has suffered from extreme weather leaving the user at risk of being injured when using it. Plastic garden furniture often snaps after becoming brittle during the colder months. With good quality rattan furniture it will be constructed of either a powder coated steel frame or an Aluminium frame, this allows the furniture to be resistant to extreme weather whilst retaining its strength. The frame of rattan furniture is then wrapped in rattan to provide a weatherproof finish that can handle the majority of extreme weather without any issues. This make rattan furniture extreme weather proof allowing you to own a maintenance free outdoor garden furniture set.





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